„Out of my stone comes soul‟

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Thankgrim memorial in Arnsberg-Huesten

Thankgrim already has a bronze face. The sculptural group is sure to cause a stir and emotions.

Bronze bust of Bishop Maximilian Kaller in Königstein

Close-up of the bronze bust

Consecration of the bronze bust of Bishop Maximilian Kaller in Königstein

On July 10th, 2022, the bronze bust of Bishop Maximilian Kaller was solemnly consecrated in the church of the Bischof-Neumann-School in Königstein in high mass for the manifestation of faith on the 75th anniversary of Kaller's death. The photo shows the bust with District Administrator Krebs and the sculptor at the future location.

Bruniko also finished as a wax model

The wax models for the Thankgrim memorial in Arnsberg-Hüsten are now ready for processing in the foundry. Individual parts of the figures have already been processed. Here you can see Bruniko, the murderer, who regrets his deed. He is appalled by his own actions.

Cast of the bishop Maximilian Kaller bust for Königstein

The last German bishop of the Ermland diocese, Maximilian Kaller (1880-1947), is to receive a memorial in the Bishop Neumann School in Königstein. Based on the model I used for the stele in St. Bonifatius Church in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen, we were able to cast a bronze bust in the art foundry in Gescher

Working on the Thankgrim memorial for Arnsberg-Hüsten

The founding of the first Christian community in the Sauerland through the donation of Thankgrim will be erected this year with a memorial made up of three figures, the Thankgrim memorial. The three life-size figures are cast in the bronze foundry Petit & Gebr. Edelbrock in Gescher, the wax figures are/were created by me. This is the wax model of Thankgrim, who freezes in shock as he runs, seeing his son Bosoko lying dead on the ground in front of him.

Thankgrim Memorial - Bosoko

The Thankgrim memorial – a brief summary of the history In Hustene, known as the "House by the Water", around the turn of the year 801/802, one of the farm owners named Bruniko Bosoko, the son of the farmer Thankgrim, murdered. After his tragic loss, Thankgrim sought and found solace and encouragement from the missionaries of Saint Liudger. In the courthouse of Hustene, the Atonement Court met and sentenced the murderer Bruniko to hand over all his property to the aggrieved Thankgrim. The document dated January 13, 802, kept in the State Archives of North Rhine-Westphalia in Düsseldorf, bears witness to the court decision thus received the basis for the church community that was just being formed.

Blessing of the Bishop Maximilian Kaller bust in Kevelaer

During the Ermländer pilgrimage on October 17, 2021, the Bishop Maximilian Kaller bust was solemnly blessed by Auxiliary Bishop Eberlein during the service. This bust is to be passed on as a "wandering church" by the Warmian families and clergy until it is installed in Beuthen.

Visit to the exhibition on July 21, 2020

Former students visited the exhibition and recognized themselves in the memory tree. It was a nice reunion!!!

Exhibition "Longing"

From 06.-25.07.2020, i.e. in Corona times, an art exhibition by the Coesfeld artists Wiltrud Peiler, Bernd Brüning, Volker Bredol and Burkhard Hoppe will take place in Coesfeld at Kupferstraße 7, i.e. the Schlagheck travel agency. The memorial tree on display was created as an art project in class with the design assistants from the 2012 class as a final project. We took up the idea of ​​the Bauhaus artist Schwitters, who created the Merzbaum in his house, a material collage where dear guests leave something of themselves behind. Based on the song by Trude Herr (Farewell) “ never leave completely, no, a piece of me stays here. It has its place with you always!” the seniors molded their faces with plaster masks, fitted with a small box containing a personal memento, mounted them into a tree and fixed the work in

Kulturrucksack-Workshop 2019

"Culture backpack" is a campaign by the Ministry of Youth to convey art and culture to children and young people. During the autumn holidays of 2019, a sculpture course for children aged 10-15 was held in the atrium of the Coesfeld signal box. During the 5-day course, there was also a visit to the Dirks company in Billerbeck, as well as an inspection of the quarry and the sandstone museum in Havixbeck. The participants had a lot of fun at the workshop and the concluding exhibition, in which the parents and siblings were able to marvel at the resulting works of art and take them with them.

Bishop Maximilian Kaller stele in Frankfurt/Main

The Bishop-Maximilian-Kaller stele made of Mainsandstein was solemnly consecrated on December 16th, 2000 in the St. Bonifatius Church in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen. It commemorates the last German bishop of the Ermland diocese, Maximilian Kaller, who in 1946 became the papal special representative for refugees and expellees in Germany.


Managers of the company growup booked a 1-day workshop in sculpture. We implemented the company logo from aerated concrete blocks in order to achieve a usable result in a short time.